RoboCrib® LX2000

The RoboCrib® LX2000 has been designed to provide secure access for up to 2574 SKUs (unique items). The variety of available bin sizes makes managing both small and large items a reality (carbide inserts, drill bits, spray cans, tape, safety glasses, air tools, welding tips, solder, welding tanks and more!).

RoboCrib® can control access to products by item, employee or job. Further, the system has the capability to track “Lot Control” numbers, and serialized items. ROBO CRIB® LX2000 Calibration control insures that no serialized item will be issued if it has fallen out of its authorized calibration cycle. AutoCrib® software also provides for FOD (Foreign Object Debris) control. Unlike other systems, RoboCrib® is physically mobile and can be mounted on optional wheels, making it perfectly suited to manage maintenance and repair parts throughout large areas like airline hangers, shipyards and large manufacturing plants.


24-7 Availability – With security and accountability

No Repackaging Required – Save time and money with every re-stock

Fast Retrieval Time – Access any item in under 10 seconds!

Automates Purchase Orders – It even calculates the lead times

High-resolution – 19” (48cm) Touch Display

Variable Bin Size – Customized to your exact needs

Vend almost any item, type, or size! – Issue large, small, or delicate items without item dropping!

Control Reconditioned Items – Force the use of reconditioned items first

Universal Search – Search for any item plant-wide

Gage Management – Deny access to a serialized gage that has fallen out of its calibration cycle

Multilingual – Support for other languages

Field Reconfigurable – Bin configurations for a variety of item sizes and optional field-configurable bins are available so you can easily change bin types with just one screw!

Full User Access Support – Supports proximity cards, key fobs, mag-stripe cards, barcodes, keypad/PINs

Weight Capacity: 2600 lbs (1179kg)

Configurations: Up to 2574 Bins SKUs (Unique Products)

Enclosure: 62”W (157cm) x 84”H (213cm) x 62”D (157cm)

Power: 100-240VAC– 50/60HZ, 5A/2.5A MAX

Optional: Caster wheels make it easy to relocate your machines where you want them

12-month warranty


Over 200 standard reports! or Client-Server – Cloud managed services or secured internal network

EDI – Advanced ship notices (ASN) via EDI

ERP System Support – Interface with many popular

ERP systems (SAP, JDE, Baan, etc…)

Alerts – Get inventory alerts, and send email reports to any smartphone, tablet, or computer

How it Works

Login – Employees access the RoboCrib® LX2000 by using their employee badge or employee number. For additional security, require fingerprint validation.

Select Item – Users then selects the item they want.

Dispense – The RoboCrib® LX2000 will automatically move the item into position and open the door.

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RoboCrib® LX2000

RoboCrib® LX2000