Industrial Tool
Vending Cabinets

Reduce stocking costs

Reduce stock outs

Same day restocking service

Automated supply reordering

Increase productivity

On site access to supplies

Who we are

Lawton Tools has been supplying local customers with hand tools, power tools, inspection equipment, abrasives and cutting tools for over 50 years and has also been offering Vending and Consignment Stock solutions for 30 years. We trade with all the major manufacturers at competitive prices.

Lawton Tool Vending offers a range of individually designed vending options to suit each customer. This could range from a small manual vending cabinet that is re-stocked weekly to a fully automated vending cabinet that generates orders on a daily basis and transmits them directly to Lawton Tool Vending for a same day delivery.

All of our vending options offer:

  • Purchase orders generated daily to replenish used products
  • Same day re-stocking
  • Unused tools can be returned
  • Emergency call out
  • Stocking levels can be adjusted easily to allow for short-term fluctuations in production
  • Secure access by user log-in
  • Tools tracked by job number
  • Tools tracked by operative
  • Numerous customised reports to identify tool usage and cost
  • Monitor measuring equipment/power tools to control Calibration Certificates/Servicing
  • Regular stock-checks to ensure accurate stock levels
  • Vendor cabinets branded with customer logo
  • Comprehensive training programme

The major benefits of vending:

  • Customer has no stock investment. All stock in the cabinet is supplied FOC by Lawton Tool Vending
  • Operatives do not need to carry “bench stock” as all tools are available from a central vending cabinet
  • Un-used tools can be returned to the cabinet
  • Reduction in wastage as all used tooling can be returned to the “back-up” cabinet
  • Zero stock-outs during normal production as cabinet is stocked with 2 weeks’ usage of all items.
  • Automated restocking service


Is vending right for you?

Vending is suitable for products that are used and need to be replenished on a regular basis. Also for products that, although intermittent in use, are critical for production and need to be available from stock.

Who pays for the vending cabinet?

Lawton Tool Vending supplies the vending cabinet FOC and provides a 3-year warranty against manufacturing faults (minimum spend required).

Who pays for the vending stock inside the cabinet?

Lawton Tool Vending supplies the initial stock in the cabinet FOC.
The customer only pays for an item when it is taken out of the cabinet.

Can I return to the cabinet an item that hasn’t been used?

Yes. All cabinets have a return feature.

We have some large items, can these be vended?

Yes. These can be stored outside the cabinet but controlled from within the cabinet via our Virtual Inventory Module.